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Serious in Depth Bible Study that will change Hearts

You will learn the Gospel in both specific and general terms. You will learn your proper identity, and purpose. You will learn to reach the heart and care for the heart. We guarantee that 95 percent of similar schools will not teach you these things.

Flexible Learning

At TLC Bible College, there are no scheduled online sessions you need contend with, nor are you required to participate in, learning teams or groups designed for the “typical” younger campus-based student. You will work at your own pace, completing assignments in time frames that work best for you. TLC’s method of flexible individualized instruction is designed to provide each student the guidance and support needed for successful course completion.

Course Structure

TLC Bible College online courses combine the best of online delivery and traditional university textbooks. Online you will find the course syllabus, course content, assignments, and online open book exams. This student-friendly course design allows you the most flexibility in choosing when and where you will study.

Classroom of One

TLC Bible College offers you the best of both worlds. You learn on your own terms and your own time, but you are never on your own. Once you enrolled, you will be assigned a personal student service representative who works with you on an individualized basis throughout your program of study.

Course-specific faculty members are assigned at the beginning of each course, providing the academic support you need to successfully complete each course.

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If you are serious about your calling and will desire to reach hearts while loving God and others, complete this lesson as part of your admission to the program. Additional information will be emailed to you.

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