The Love of Christ (TLC) Bible College a non-profit ministry and we will provide a tax deduction for your financial or material donation. We try to make sure your donation does the most good. To those who want to positively change this world, TLC Bible College is the charity that maximizes contributions. You can be assured that you are making a meaningful difference in some one’s life. We pray that our website will encourage you to support this ministry through your prayers and donations.

Suggested Donations


6-8 Contact hours: $100
8-12 Contact Hours: $150
12-20 Contact Hours: $200
20-40 Contact Hours: $300
Room/Board/Meals: $30 / Day

Vehicle Donations

Thank you for considering donating your no longer needed vehicle to TLC Bible College. Proceeds from the sale of your donated vehicle are used to help fund the programs. Vehicles should be in at least fair condition and must be drivable without repairs. We will issue a tax donation receipt for your gift.

Please email [email protected] for full details.