We’re glad you have chosen to find out more about our Lord and start the program. This class is the basic introduction to our core beliefs or basics.  Since we have students from many different church backgrounds and un-churched backgrounds, this assignment was designed to clearly explain who and what we believe and were we stand. Our goal is to help you understand the Father (God), the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost or Comforter) and develop a better relationship with God and to others.

At times, you may feel uncomfortable but do not worry, we want the best for you and for you to learn about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  (The Trinity). We are not to judge you but to increase your bible knowledge and hopefully equip you for ministry.   For this program, we will utilize many different translations of the bible for this program.  Many of you may have grown accustomed to a certain translation and that is fine, we want you to use your normal bible and the HCSB bible too.

Once completed, email it to [email protected].