Tamar Story and Workbook

The purpose of this workbook is to help the reader discover who he/she is in Christ by identifying our proper image and how to live a victorious Chris­tian life by properly knowing our true identity in Christ. The reader learns the authority of the believer and how to appropriate Christ’s victory in everyday living under the Lordship of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

This workbook will help you to find your proper identity in Christ Jesus and be free of all bondage from prior and future abuse. Over the next couple of weeks, you will be able to be loved by others and to love yourself, others and God. God’s desire for all who know Him is for us to become more like His only begotten Son, Jesus. We do this by first growing in our knowledge of Christ and understanding how we have been misled and not properly loved. It stands to reason that we cannot grow to be like someone we don’t know or have been scared of knowing, it takes faith and faith is not easy. There are thousands of unrestored sexually abused people that have never told another person about their abuse.  I would estimate that less than a quarter of abused people have shared this information with their spouse or parents. It seems that it is easier to live a lie rather than be rejected or abused by the one person that claims to honestly love you. As a sexual abuse survivor, I wanted to be normal and forget the past, but the past had programmed me and destroyed my heart. I had no idea that my behaviors were screaming that I was an incest survivor.

Reduce Stress and Improve Health

Sexual abuse, hidden anger and prolonged stress can raise “fight or flight” hormones that affect blood pressure, blood sugar and other things in ways that make heart trouble more likely, doctors say. They also provoke anger and helplessness and spur heart-harming behaviors like eating or drinking too much. Doctors observe higher rates of metabolic syndrome — a collection of heart disease risk factors that include high body fat, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels in people like us.

The Cure

The deeper our knowledge of Lord Jesus, the deeper our understanding of Him and the more like Him we become and that is our true identity, we are His followers, you are not what others have told you, and you are not what you do.. Among other reasons, we are to know and understand Jesus and who He is, our past and pain so that we will be secure in the faith. We need to be secure so we can live the free and abundant live he promises.  We need to live the abundant life to show others there is hope, for this same promise has given us hope.  That hope is we belong to Jesus and we were made in God’s image and we are valuable.

It is important to realize that becoming more like Jesus starts by receiving Him as Lord and Savior. Then we grow in our knowledge of God by reading the Bible daily, studying it, and being obedient to what it says. This process causes us to grow and occurs over an entire lifetime in Christ. Only when we have entered Heaven for eternity with God does this process reach its culmination.