What is A Relationship with God like?

If you are unsure of having a relationship with God or being “Born-again” or “Saved”, then this is for you.   You may be new to this or never really thought about it before.  I will do my best to describe what it means and it is a hard thing to understand.  Saved means you are saved from Hell and being healed.

Let us pretend that you are in a home, Jesus is outside, and he is gently knocking on the door.  He is there every day and because of work and noise, you learn to avoid him. You look out the peephole and pretend he isn’t there.  You really do not want to open the door because he might say something that may convict or judge you.  However, in essence, he is not like that.  There is another person who knocks on your door.  He has told you things like that about Jesus, but he has never really helped you. He loves to party and cause trouble, in essence, he comes to lie, steal and destroy.